April 2002

Euskal Herria

A brief history of the professional Scriptwriters Guild of Euskal Herria

The Professional Scriptwriters' Guild of Euskal Herria was inaugurated during the General Assembly on the 21st of October 1995, whereupon numerous professional scriptwriters, who believed that the script is one of the basic pillars upon which the quality of any audio-visual product ultimately rests, gathered together. They coincided in their opinion that there was a need to create a platform from which they could defend their professional interests, stimulate the formation of scrptwriters and dignify their profession.

Today, the Association has grown to include more than 100 members who are grouped into two different categories: Full Members - those people who have already written, or published, at least one script which has been used by the professional media - and Associated Members, are those scriptwriters who have registered at least one piece of work in the Intellectual Property Registry, although it still might not have been shown.

Any scriptwriter can become a Member of the Association, independently of the language in which he, or she, writes, provided he or she complies with the above-mentioned requisites and works in Euskal Herria.

Aims of the Guild

- To represent the general interests of the profession in its dealings whith the different State, Autonomic and International Administrations. The Association would not only participate in the governing bodies of the above-mentioned institutions whenever necessary, but would also take the initiative as far as the drawing-up of any projects governing legislation projects applicable to this professional Body might be concerned and defend those Rights recognised and acknowledged by the Intellectual Property Registry Laws.

- To represent , defend and promote financial, social,professional and cultural interests of our members. - To stimulate solidarity amongst Members through the instigation and promotion of common services of a consultancy nature.

- To schedule those activities deemed necessary in order to secure additional social and financial improvements for its members.

- To develop the continuously growing professional and cultural formation of its members by organising courses and Day Encounter Groups amongst scriptwriters.


The Asociación Galega de Guionistas (Galician Scriptwriters Association), A.GA.G., was constituted in 1997. Nowadays it integrates the most of TV and Cinema scriptwriters who work for private producers in the Autonomous Community of Galicia, Spain. At present, it counts with twenty six members.

The present board of directors is formed by Henrique Rivadulla Corcón, president; Carlos A. López Piñerio, secretary and manager; Xosé Antonio Perozo, committee member; Nazaret López, committee member; Ángel de la Cruz, committee member.

You can get in contact with

Carlos A. L. Piñeiro
Phone: 616 08 64 01
Email: caurelecer@navegalia.com
Adress: Juan B. Andrade, 49-4º
36005 - Pontevedra

Henrique Rivadulla Corcon
Phone: 619 293 212
Email: corcon@telefonica.net
Adress: O Graxal, 6 - baixo esq.
15179 Liáns, O Seixo, Oleiros (A Coruña)

Our web is www.esferobite.com/agag/


ESCRIPTORS VALENCIANS DE L'AUDIOVISUAL, E.V.A. was created in Valencia at the end of 1997 by professional scriptwriters who thought there was a need to create a platform from which they could defend their professional interests, stimulate the formation of scrptwriters and dignify their profession.

This guild counts nowadays with more than forty members.

Our Executive Committee is formed by:
President, Ferrán Torrent;
Vice-presidents, Rodolf Sirera; Joan Álvarez
General Secretary, Alicia Vizcarra
Treasurer, Joan Bohigues

Our website is now under construction. For more details, write to rvizcarram@seorl.org


GAC was born in April 1997. After 6 years of wide experience in AELC (Writers guild in Catalan Language) we realised we need to work for an increasing collectivity that had other concerns in the field of audiovisuals. So, we created our own guild.

Since 1997, GAC has increased the number of his members till 170. We give our members all the information they need for this work - about rights and working possibilities -, we have seated charges for each kind of script that are now the better reference for other guilds in our country, we have lawyers that work for us and help our members when there are problems with televisions or producers. We have started dialogue with author´s rights associations and we have negotiated a framework contract with TV3.

Our web is http://web.jet.es/gac/

Brief summary of the latest activities of ALMA (Spain)

ALMA, Spain´s leading Guild of screenwriters, has started talks with FAPAE (Spain´s Producers´ Federation) regarding a minumum agreement for TV and film writers, a key issue of the board´s objectives. Negotiations will follow this year with the aim of a collective contract deal.

Another prime interest os ALMA is welcoming new talent to the screenwriter´s community. Our workshops for beginning and established screenwriters are a huge sucess, due to the board member´s energy, teachers' generosity -leading and awarded screenwriters in the country- and students´ response. Fellowships awarded with official aid support are being distributed.

A new printed newsletter has been sent to all members, in order to keep ALMA´s members informed of the board decisions and to allow member´s ideas and articles to be expressed in our community. Tax advises and special rates for screenwriters information is included.

Our website (http://www.asociacionalma.es/) is another important instrument of interaction with members that would be expanded shortly. ALMA´s website features articles, news and information regarding workshops and activities within our association.

ALMA´s free legal advisory service open to all members continues helping screenwriters to deal with contracts and individual negotiations with producers. La asesoría jurídica de ALMA, abierta a todos sus miembros, continúa ayudando a los guionistas a elaborar sus contratos y negociaciones individuales con los productores.

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