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November 2001

News from Iceland
by Sveinbj÷rn I. Baldvinsson

Our own website
The biggest event of this year for the Icelandic Playwrights & Screenwriters Guild was the launch of our website,, last February. The multilingual website now has 167 pages and keeps growing. It features a list of our members and their works, and publishes all kinds of news and announcements of interest to or concerning our members and their profession. On the web we also publish various articles and questions and answers, as well as minutes of board meetings, etc. The launch of the website has made our organisation more visible than ever and made it easier for our members to keep in touch with their board and with each other.

Contracts and agreements
We have signed new contracts with the large theatres and are starting negotiations with others. We are also establishing a dialogue with the Association of Film Producers, hoping to get an overall agreement with them in the near future. No such agreement has existed before and screenwriters' contracts have been varied and inconsistent. We base our proposals on the Danish model.

Politics of culture - the fight goes on
On the political front we have fought to increase the amount of new Icelandic drama in the repertoires of the theatre companies. We even managed to cut through walls of offended silence by the authorities when we issued a statement protesting about the non-existence of Icelandic drama series on television and the disregard of this important cultural medium, reflected in the lack of funds provided. We also successfully put pressure on the Film & TV Academy to include a screenwriting category in its annual EDDA Awards.

Brave new web and protection of authors' rights
Among our plans for the near future are further expansion of our website and the setting up of a registration service for manuscripts to help protect authors' rights in their works.

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