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April 2002

News from Denmark
by Birgit Gilland

New collective agreement concerning short film fiction:

The Danish Playwrights' & Screenwriters' Guild, the Association of Danish Film Directors and the Danish Actors' Association have entered into a new collective agreement with the Danish Producers' Association concerning short films financed by an institute called "Novellefilm".

The aim of the agreement - apart from establishing minimum fees and regulating the transfer of rights - is to express support of the purpose of "Novellefilm", which is to promote experimental and innovative production of short film fiction. "Novellefilm" is a unique source of funding for screenwriters as it is financed partly by the Danish Ministry of Culture and partly by the Danish Film Institute and the two public service broadcasters DR and TV2.

We also expect the agreement to result in better times of broadcasting for short film fiction. It is our first agreement containing a rating principle in relation to broadcasting and rebroadcasting. The original fee thus covers broadcasting until the film has been viewed by a certain number of viewers. As Denmark is a small country, the number of viewers agreed on is 850,000 though only 425,000 for short films for children. If a film is rebroadcast after the number of viewers has been reached, a rebroadcast fee of 25 % of the original fee is to be paid. Rebroadcasts within two weeks of the original broadcast cannot generate a rebroadcast fee but the number of viewers is to be part of the rating. DR and TV2 are guaranteed one broadcast each.

In addition, the agreement is an example of co-operation between organizations in collective agreements while at the same time accepting differences in wage structures. The collective agreement therefore consists of a part which is common for all authors and performers covered by the agreement (i.e. scriptwriters, directors and actors) and three individual parts that only concern the group of authors/performers in question.

The agreement entered into force on 1 January 2002. If you want more information about the agreement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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