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April 2002

News from the FSE Board

Elizabeth Verry has taken over Daniel Cebrian's place on the board, as announced in the previous newsletter.

We thank Bernie Corbett, from the Writers' Guild of Great Britain, for his work on the FSE website:

The statutes of the FSE have been confirmed by the Belgian Ministry of Justice and we are waiting for their publication in the official Monitor of Belgium.

A bank account has been opened for the FSE. The account number is 310-1613386-71. The account will become active when publication in the official Monitor has taken place.

SACD Belgium and its president Luc Jambon have offered to support FSE and they are providing free services included office address, telephone, etc, plus one-fifth of the time of one employee. This will continue until our General Assembly and after that we will have to pay 5000 euros per year.

We welcome back Hilde De Visscher. Her help is precious to the FSE.

Unfortunately, our General Assembly is delayed until October 2002, because of financial difficulties.

Katerina Marinaki, president of the FSE, gave an interview to the May issue of the magazine of SACD Belgium as part of a feature article about author's federations in Europe.

News from the FSE Board

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