In 2015 the FSE has 24 Full members in 19 countries: Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Denmark / Finland / France / Germany / Greece / Iceland / Ireland / Italy / Norway / Poland / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / Netherlands / Turkey / UK.



Drehbuchverband Austria
(Screenwriters Association Austria)


The Drehbuchverband Austria represents the interests of Austrian Screenwriters and is committed to improving the conditions of our members and (Austrian) screenwriters in general. Apart from sharing our expertise and know-how, keeping our members (and non members) updated by regular newsletters, we also offer several other important services, such as an online data-base with information on all of our members, legal advice including financial support, networking with fellow members, as well the use of our office as an information center for all sorts of interets of screen-writing. The Drehbuchverband Austria was founded in 1989. The number of members of our association is steadily increasing, we currently have about 90 members. The Drebhuchverband is open to screenwriters who have written at least one produced full length feature script, whereas rookies need to have experience and/or training in the field only.


ASA - Association des scénaristes de l'audiovisuel (Scriptwriters Guild)

Scenaristengilde vzw
(Flemish Scriptwriters Guild)   




(Bulgarian Association of Film, Television and Radio scriptwriters)

In 2006 in Sofia was founded the “Bulgarian Association of the Film, Theater and Radio Scriptwriters – BAFTRS”, whose members are some of the most famous Bulgarian artists in scriptwriting.
Among the main goals of BAFTRS are: fulfilment of common initiatives with other parties in the area of scriptwriting art and its elaboration; encourage the contacts between its members and foreign institutions; development of projects concerning law matters with the purpose of contribution for better governing decisions as well as stimulation of state policy for production and distribution of Bulgarian film, television and radio products.


Danske Dramatikere
(Danish Writers Guild)


Suomen Näytelmäkirjailijat ja Käsikirjoittajat ry

Finnish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild (formerly The Finnish Dramatists' Union) protects the professional, copyright and financial interests of its individual members, and handles the rights of properties owned by other controlling bodies such as estates. In addition to negotiating and issuing contracts, we develop codes of practice in co-operation with theatres, television channels and producers. We also work closely with various artistic, copyright and public affairs organisations in order to further the aims of professional writers.
The guild maintains a library of plays by Finnish authors. We disseminate plays and handle performance contracts directly and in partnership with other players in the field.
Over the years, and alongside the evolution of new forms of media, the main purpose of the Finnish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild has remained largely unchanged: our goal is still to serve the needs of Finnish authors and to promote Finnish drama.


Guilde française des Scénaristes


The Guilde française des Scénaristes is the only union in France dedicated to the defense of screenwriters’ artistic, contractual and financial interests. It represents more than 300 screenwriters working in film, television, animation, documentary and new screens.
Its goal is to promote greater recognition of the role of screenwriters and to improve working conditions. It aims at organizing and regulating the relations between screenwriters and the various professionals of the audiovial, film and Internet sectors.
Through the guild, screenwriters call for building a successful and quality content industry, for investing both in profitable projects and other riskier, to create exportable works that reflect the expertise of the French audiovisual industry.



Verband Deutscher Drehbuchautoren e.V. - VDD (Screenwriters' Guild of Germany)

The Screenwriters' Guild of Germany was established more than 20 years ago and today remains as dynamic and progressive as ever. With its steadily increasing membership, the Guild enjoys a well-earned reputation for its expertise within the German film industry.
Not only screenwriters benefit from the Guild's experience and know-how. Producers, networks and politicians also seek its advice.
One of the most important advantages for VDD members is the expert legal advice offered by Prof. Dr. Paul Hertin, specialist for German copyright law.
The Guild also enjoys vital, solid relations with national and international film industry members, German film funding organizations, film schools and all relevant film festivals.


(scriptwriters' guild of Greece)


The Scriptwriters Guild of Greece was founded in 1989. Its mission is to protect writers' rights as creators and professionals in the audiovisual industry. The activities of the SGG consist of giving seminars, participating in various committees, improving our status, claiming the creators' rights by forcing the implementation of the relevant constitutional laws. We also put a great effort to ensure that writers are properly credited. Our members, successful and well-known creators, contribute in the amelioration of the artistic quality of the final product and the protection of the greek language and the maintenance of our country's own specific national cultural identity. Currently, the SGG has 140 members; all professional scriptwriters for films and TV.


Félag leikskálda og handritshöfunda
Icelandic Dramatists´ Union)


The Icelandic Dramatists´Union is an independent organization of playwrights and scriptwriters in Iceland. Its main purpose is the protection of the artistic, moral and pecuniary rights of its members, and the promotion of contemporary Icelandic playwrighting. The Icelandic Dramatists´Union is the authorized party to make framework agreements with all theatres in Iceland and jointly with The Writers' Union of Iceland makes other agreements, i. e. with Icelandic radio- and television stations. The Icelandic Dramatists´ Union is a member of The Nordic Union of Playwrights and a founding member of the Fédération des Scénaristes d’Europe / The Federation of Scriptwriters in Europe.


Writers Guild of Ireland (WGI)   

The Writers Guild of Ireland (WGI) is the representative body in Ireland for writers for the stage, screen, radio and digital media. The Guild is an organisation run by writers for writers. We keep our members informed of news about the industry through our blog and fortnightly electronic newsletter, offer advice on contracts, organise talks and meetings, set up information sessions about issues of concern and lobby government agencies on matters pertaining to playwrights and screenwriters. We also liaise with writers organisations around the world to monitor new developments in the industry across the global arena.



WGI - Writers Guild Italia





Norske Dramatikeres Forbund
(Writers' Guild of Norway)

Writers' Guild of Norway (WGN) is an independent writers' organization whose purpose is to protect the artistic and financial interests of writers for film, television, radio and theatre. The guild was founded in 1938, the Guild currently organizes approximately 330 writers. To be eligible for membership, an author must have written and had staged a public performance of at least one full-length or several shorter original works of drama for the theatre, film, television or radio. To qualify for membership, the performance must be professional and the work must be of professional quality. The applicant must have written the work in the Norwegian or Sami language him- or herself. The guild also offers candidate membership, that includes anyone who has completed publicly approved higher education as a playwright or screenwriter.



Stowarzyszenie Filmowcow Polskich, Kolo scenarzystow (Polish Filmmakers Association, Union of Polish Screenwriters)


The Union of Polish Screenwriters is a part of The Polish Filmmakers’ Association, which is the largest audiovisual organization of film professionals in Poland. It exists since 1966 and has 1786 members, among them directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, sound engineers,  film editors, animators, costume and set-designers, producers, production managers,  critics, even stuntmen. Screenwriters participate in and benefit from the lobbying activity of the Association. The Union of Polish Screenwriters – revived in 2008 – counts currently 68 members. The Association promotes Polish film in Poland and abroad, supports talented young filmmakers, produces first films. Since 1995 the Polish Filmmakers Association includes the Union of Audiovisual Authors and Producers - ZAPA, established as a collective copyrights and neighbouring rights management organization. As an organization of collective copyrights management it cooperates with multiple institutions around the world.

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ALMA - Asociación Literaria de Medios Audiovisuales / Sindicato de Guionistas


ALMA is the union of writers from Spain founded in 1989 by renowned authors. ALMA consists of film and television writers, fiction, nonfiction and programs, all united by a common cause: to get the writers acknowledge the importance they deserve in the audiovisual industry. This consisted of:
- the demand for decent prices by scripts.
- to have a collective agreement suitable to our profession.
- get copyrights that belong logically.
- achieve the writers are in the forums that decide on laws affecting the film and television.
ALMA now has over 300 members. They are our main strength.

FAGA - Forum de Asociaciones de Guionistas del Audiovisual
(Audiovisual Scriptwriters Guilds Forum)  

The Foro de Asociaciones de Guionistas Audiovisuales is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007. Its main objective is the coordination and cooperation of professional associations of Spain to defend the professional, labor, socioeconomic, and author rights of the screenwriters both of cinema and television, nationallyand in Europe. To do so, FAGA is involved in strategic meetings and negotiations, promotes studies on topics of interest to the writer, organizes activities, establishing links with European professional associations. FAGA also collects and disseminates information of interest to the sector.
It currently comprises the following four professional screenwriters guilds: A.GA.G – Asociación de Galega de Guionistas, EDAV – Escriptors de l'Audiovisual Valencià; EHGEP - Euskal Herriko Gidoigileen Elkarte Professional, GAC – SiGC Guionistes Associats de Catalunya- Sindicat de Guionistes de Catalunya. The interests of 464 scriptwriters are represented under its umbrella, a fact which makes it the organisation with the greatest level of representation for the profession in Spain.

FAGA includes:

Asociación Galega de Guionistas  - AGAG
Escriptors de l’Audiovisual Valencià  - EDAV
Euskal Herriko Gidoigile Profesionalen Elkartea – EHGEP
Guionistes Associats de Catalunya - GAC



Sveriges Dramatikerförbund (Swedish Playwrights Union)






Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers (Network of Screenwriters)




SENDER (The Scriptwriters Association of Turkey)


Since its establishment, SENDER  undertook a considerable role in the  solution of problems relevant to copyrights and professional rights of the scripwriters and in the way of restructuration of the film industry.
SENDER , took place since 2004 in the “Turkish Cinema  Council ”, which is established with the aim of promoting and reinforcing the cinema sector in Turkey and It provided considerable contributions  which accepted by everybody in the formation of “Sector Restructuration Plan” , in the creation of a language similarity between the organizations of the sector and enactment of laws for support,  promotion and  sponsorship  of the cinema.
Along with these works, SENDER continues to  organize workshops and seminars as an on the job training since 2005 in order to promote the professional and artistic level of screenwriting , expansion of screenwriting education, and rising of young scripters.


Writers' Guild of Great Britain


The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is a trade union representing writers in television, radio, theatre, books, poetry, film, videogames and online. We are affiliated to the Trades Union Congress, which is a labour movement centre bringing together almost all the trade unions in the UK. We have no political affiliation.

We have 2,239 members – 1,306 Full (professionally active), 600 Candidate (not yet professionally established), 149 Life (retired), 146 Student, 36 Affiliate (writers’ agents) and 2 Honorary. (January 2010). Our membership is approximately 60 per cent men, 40 per cent women.
In television, film, radio and theatre, the Guild is the recognised body for negotiating minimum terms for writers and we have collective agreements with (among others) the BBC, the main commercial broadcaster ITV, the independent television and film producers’ trade organisation PACT, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal National Theatre, and the trade bodies representing subsidised theatre nationwide, the Theatrical Management Association and the Independent Theatre Council.

Our agreements cover upfront writing fees, advances, royalty and residual payments, rights, writers’ credits and arbitration of disputes, expenses for research, attendance at rehearsals/filming, etc., and pension contributions.
In addition we offer members advice and representation on work-related problems, provide legal advice and contact vetting services; we organise events in London and the nations and regions of the UK such as seminars, expert panels, showcases and social evenings, and we hold an annual awards evening covering all the media in which our members work. We have recently launched a co-operative organisation for self-publishing book writers ( We continually seek to influence the Government on its policy towards arts subsidies, broadcasting and online policy and copyright issues, often in close co-operation with the UK’s actors’ and musicians’ trade unions. Internationally, in addition to our FSE membership we actively participate in the European Writers’ Council and the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds.

We publish a quarterly glossy full-colour magazine, UK Writer; we have a website and blog, we are on Twitter and Facebook and we send our members a weekly email bulletin containing news, industry information, work opportunities and members’ activities.

To contact the FSE please send an email to info(at)