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WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization

The FSE has observer status at WIPO.


EAO, European Audiovisual Observatory

The FSE has observer status at EAO.



Screenwriters' organizations worldwide

IAWG - International Affiliation of Writers Guilds

ARTV (Brazil)

AWG (Australia)

Scriptwriters Guild of Israel

NZWG (New-Zealand)

WGAE - Writers Guild of America East

WGAW - Writers Guild of America West

WGC - Writers Guild of Canada

SARTEC (Canada - French language)

WGJ - Writers Guild of Japan

Federations of creators in Europe

ECA - European Council of Artists

ECSA - European Composers and Songwriters Alliance

EVA - European Visual Artists

EWC - European Writers' Council

FERA - Association of Film Directors

FIA - International Federation of Actors

FIM - International Federation of Musicians

IFJ -European Federation of Journalists

UNI-MEI - Media, Entertainment & Arts


Collecting societies

SAA - Society of Audiovisual Authors


European Institutions



Federations of Broadcasters


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